Underfloor Heating and Boiler Installation in Ripponden | Creating a More Energy Efficient Home


At A P Plumbing Solutions, we deal with gas, heating and plumbing on a daily basis. Whether undertaking bathroom installations or general plumbing works, we understand the effect that inefficient or faulty systems can have on the overall cost of running a home. Our Gas Safe registered bathroom fitters and plumbing and heating engineers perform maintenance work to keep old, inefficient heating and hot water systems ticking over. It may save you time and money, however, to consider a few alternatives.


Why not replace your radiators with underfloor heating, upgrading your heating and hot water system with a new boiler installation or boiler replacement, and creating a more efficient setup with a new bathroom installation?


Underfloor Heating


While almost every homeowner in the Ripponden area relies on radiators to heat a property, more and more are turning to underfloor heating systems. Radiators can be unsightly, inefficient and become very hot to the touch, which is a concern if there are children around. They can also take up valuable floor or wall space, especially in small bathrooms or downstairs WC cloakrooms.


Our bathroom fitters and plumbing and heating engineers recommend underfloor heating for new bathroom installations and general house refurbishments. These systems can maximise your living space whilst providing an efficient and consistent source of heat.


Although a new boiler installation or boiler replacement is not necessary, modern and efficient boilers make underfloor heating an even more economical choice for homeowners in Ripponden.


The overall cheaper running costs of underfloor heating can save you money on gas and electricity bills.


Boiler Replacements


Replacing your old hot water and heating system with an A-rated boiler and heating control unit can save hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills. For the average household in Ripponden, it can also reduce your carbon footprint by producing up to 1500kg less carbon monoxide each year. Optimising your boiler efficiency may require replacing your radiators with newer, more efficient models or switching to underfloor heating.


If you are considering a new bathroom installation, adding electric or power showers, for example, may not be suitable for your current boiler.


Contact our bathroom fitters to discuss what kind of boiler replacement will best suit your hot water needs.


Boiler Installations


Did you know that for homeowners in Ripponden and around the UK, heating accounts for roughly 55% of what you spend each year on energy bills? Upgrading to a more efficient boiler, that keeps up with the demands of modern-day heating and hot water needs, can have a big impact on the cost of your energy bills. With a modern boiler installation, you get a condensing boiler which has a larger heat exchanger than gas and oil boilers. This means they lose less heat through the flue and recover more heat from the condensing vapour.


Upgrading your Ripponden home with this type of modern condensing boiler can result in over 90% energy efficiency in combination with underfloor heating, and costs considerably less to run than radiators.


Likewise, a combi boiler installation will heat water straight from the mains supply, so you’ll only heat the hot water you use.


At A P Plumbing Solutions, our bathroom fitters and plumbing and heating engineers offer a range of services to help you save money on the cost of running a home.

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