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These days, homeowners in Halifax and around the UK are becoming more obsessed with futureproofing their properties with the latest technologies and solutions to make a house more eco-friendly, enjoyable to live in and affordable to run. From implementing smart home hubs and entertainment systems to adding electric car chargers, a fully modern home can be a very attractive prospect. However, what good is an outstanding surround sound system if a house needs a boiler replacement and always feels cold or runs out of hot water quickly?


Whether you are thinking of selling your property in the Halifax area and want to appeal to potential buyers, or you just hope to maximise your initial investment, A P Plumbing Solutions have a few suggestions you might not have considered.


1. New Bathroom Installation – Much like a kitchen, the bathroom can make a big impact on your home. Our bathroom fitters design, supply and install elegant and modern bathrooms suites from Villeroy and Boch to suit a variety of tastes and needs. During a bathroom installation, our bathroom fitters can upgrade your system to a power shower, fit a low-flow hidden-tank toilet and install 2-inch plumbing drainpipes to improve the efficiency and appeal of your bathroom.


2. New Boiler Installation – While the initial cost of a modern, condensed boiler installation may be expensive, it will make your home in Halifax much more energy-efficient. Depending on the property, such energy efficiency improvements can increase the value of a home by almost 40%. If you are considering selling your property, a combi boiler installation can be an attractive prospect for potential buyers, as it does not require a hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank in the loft. This maximises the amount of available living space.


3. Boiler Replacement – A faulty or inefficient boiler can be a turn-off for potential buyers. A cold house or an unreliable hot water system can influence the saleability of a property. A boiler replacement or new boiler installation can add 4% to the value of your home in Halifax, as can improving your central heating by upgrading radiators or installing underfloor heating.


4. Underfloor Heating – Creating an even, ambient temperature throughout a property, large or small, underfloor heating systems improve the overall comfort of a home. Even just advertising a house as having heated floors can attract more buyers, as they are a luxurious and low-maintenance source of heating. If you don’t want underfloor heating throughout the entire house, our bathroom fitters can include it in a new bathroom installation, removing the need for a radiator. Underfloor heating systems are also compatible with alternative sources of energy and increase the energy efficiency rating or homes in Halifax. What’s more, they have the added benefit of reducing dust mites, which may be a unique selling point for some potential buyers.


At A P Plumbing Solutions, our bathroom fitters and plumbing and heating engineers have over 10 years’ experience carrying out countless bathroom installations, boiler replacements, new boiler installations and underfloor heating projects, for customers in the Halifax area.


If you want to increase the comfort, value and saleability of your home, we have the experience and knowledge you need.

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